3rd book from Hush Hush series

Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick

     Silence is the third book from the Hush Hush series. This book along with the other 2 were full of twists and for the most part very unpredictable. This book in particular gives you a lot of suspense and curiosity specially since it doesn't take off right where the last book ended, but jumps 3 months ahead! After the main character, Nora Grey, and her boyfriend, Patch, were found by a powerful Nephil, an immortal, half human half fallen angel, full with vengeance and revenge for Nora, she all of a sudden wakes in the cemetery not knowing she has been missing for 3 months, and with no memory of the past 6 months. The book itself is confusing but after reading a bit you start to realize that it does not take off where the last book ended. Full of confusion Nora starts to remember little things from her past, like little pictures that pop up in her head for only a few seconds, leaving her wondering what is happening and why she can't remember anything. 


      It is in till she meets a mysterious stranger, that ensures they've meet before, the pieces of her life slowly stitch back together.  As he starts to shed light on her past, Nora realizes she is in the middle of what might be a war among ancient enemies, and worst of all she knows as much as she tries there is no escape from being part of it. As lots of things happen Nora is slowly being drawn to this mysterious friend  from her past, and she can't help feel she has done this all before. 

The circuit

— feeling big smile
The Circuit - Francisco Jimenez

 After reading The Circuit I feel that the author, Francisco Jimenez, wants to let the readers know that no matter in what position you are in or were given in life,you are capable of thriving and achieving your goals. " "This is our chance to stay in Santa Maria all year and not move to Fresno  to pick grapes and miss school,'' I said to myself" -This quote from the book tells the readers that after the rough time that he has gone threw he still has hope to live a semi-normal life.


The more I read the book, the more I got to now the characters, especially Francisco,the main character. Francisco sometimes reminds me of my family, how they came to California illegally, how they worked hard to get money, but the difference is that my family did not get a chance to an education.


Towards the last chapters I decided that the book The Circuit was an interesting book, but it was very confusing. The main reason I thought it was confusing was because the author did not really let us know how many years would past by and he would not give us detail on how his family was growing.